Is anyone watching Interface on Starz?

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Is anyone watching Interface on Starz?

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I've watched the pilot a couple times now. The premise reminds me of Fringe, and I think it has promise.

This is an excerpt from (I tried to avoid spoilers but there may be some mild spoilers regardless)

Counterpart stars J.K. Simmons Howard Silk, a low-level cog at a Berlin-based U.N. agency dubbed The Office of Interchange, where he for decades has diligently toiled as an Interface. Howard’s day is routine...he reports to work, where he locks away all personal effects before changing into a suit identical to those worn by colleagues. He then enters a booth, where he slits open the briefcase handed to him and engages in a brief bit of coded call-and-response with a person seated on the other side of the glass.

Howard’s typical day is capped by a visit to his wife Emily, who for six weeks has been hospitalized, comatose after being hit by a car. Emily’s brother Eric arrives to compel Howard to sign papers that will allow Emily to be moved to their mother’s in England, but Howard is hesitant.

And then… Howard’s routine changed. Forever.

Arriving for work the next day, he gets flagged by security, then led to a remote room. There, Adlrich, the Director of Counterintelligence/”housekeeping,” and Quayle alert Howard to a “situation” involving a “defection” from “the Other Side” — words that mean nothing to the meager Interfacer. ...

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