Grave Flies

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Grave Flies

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Grave Flies - Samaulle Esun

A grave sat, feeling cold in the wind. The moss, clung to the stone, and water dripped down its surface. Alice stared with moist eyes. The cathedral stood, with its back to the east. The hilly country, were dotted with salt bush, and the shore were not far away. Light autumn rain dropped from the massive cloud.
A cry were in the air, with the sheet of rain. A single dove flew, to the sweet dew of the morning. A tree were in its sights, and it landed and disappeared into the foliage. Not far from the grave, were a bicycle, that rested against the white post.
At times, Alice coveted when she would visit her father. He were a banker in life, and in death, a vestige. He used to read to her at night, and could often be found in the library. He died in the house fire that Rebecca started, whom now resided in the asylum. Rebecca lived in abject misery, and claimed abuse.
A small weed grew upon the mound of wild grass. It sprouted a purple flower, that stood solitary in the wind. That were when a tear dropped from Alice’s eye. She were not prepared for her father to push up the daisies.
Alice lit up a smoke, and wondered about the church. It contained stained glass, and light that shone through the musty air. The pews and pulpit, were shining with polish. The carpets, were scuffed and red. Alister the priest, whom were wondering about the apse, poked up his head to greet Alice with a surprised look. Alice waved, and took a puff.
“Miss Turner, how are you today?” Alister put down the book in his hands, and walked down the aisle. “Visiting your father? Why haven’t I seen you of late?”
“I have been in the city,” Alice replied. “I’m studying medicine, now I’m back to see mother.”
“And Rebecca,” Father Alister replied.
It were a simple conversation. Alice talked of medical procedures, and Alistair nodded in submission. They had once been friends, as Henry, Alice’s father, had died in her youth, and she would often travel to the grave to dwell.

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